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The production of plastics needs to consume petroleum resources, which are non renewable resources. It is everyone's responsibility to produce high-quality plastic products with limited resources. And sometimes the plastic surface of injection molding will appear dull, or uneven luster and color. Why? For this phenomenon, Jinyang plastic department's editor summed up the reasons and solutions according to years of experience.
1. The injection speed of the injection molding machine is too fast, and the material retention time is too long, which will also cause the surface gloss of the injection molding products to decline. Solution: reduce the injection speed of the injection molding machine, and reduce the retention time of the material.
2. The thermal stability of the material is poor. Generally speaking, it is easy to decompose at 100 ℃, and the decomposition will be accelerated at 180 ℃. Solution: use materials with good thermal stability and glossiness or add a reasonable amount of heat stabilizer to the materials.
3. In the process of processing, the mold temperature is too low and the cooling speed is too fast. When the melt is still in the process of filling the mold, a hard shell has been formed on the cavity wall. The hard shell is easy to be affected by various forces, making it white and muddy, and reducing the glossiness of the product surface. Solution: before using the mold, we should heat the mold in advance, improve the working temperature of the mold, reduce the cooling speed or use local heating at the gate of the mold.
4. Moisture absorption of raw materials or volatile substances are common causes of poor surface gloss of plastic products. Solution: dry the materials before use, and add a dryer if necessary.
5. Excessive use of mold release agent will also cause such defects on the surface of plastic products. Solution: try not to use or use a small amount of release agent, and apply evenly.
6. The quality of raw materials has a great influence on the surface glossiness of plastic products. Only impurities can reduce the surface glossiness of products. Solution: use high quality raw materials or remove impurities before use.
7. Injection molding machine runner, gate size is too small, poor exhaust will also cause poor surface gloss products. Solution: we should increase the size of runner and gate, and add exhaust slot.
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