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The problem of polishing has always been a difficult problem that can not be fundamentally solved by mold enterprises. Injection mold steel needs a good polishing skill to reflect the nature of material performance, but Shanghai Kuixing has reached the requirements of grinding technology recognized by high-quality customer enterprises. Increasingly sophisticated technologies have created mirror finishing effects that cannot be emulated, ranging from recommendations for the use of steel to the resolution of micro holes, and various sophisticated parts with complex shapes.
The biggest problem encountered in polishing is "over polishing", which means that the longer the polishing time is, the worse the surface quality of injection mold is. There are two kinds of phenomena when excessive polishing occurs, namely "orange peel" and "micro pit". Excessive polishing often occurs in mechanical polishing.
"Orange peel", the irregular and rough surface is called "orange peel", which has many different reasons. The most common reasons are too much polishing pressure, too long polishing time, and improper polishing methods.
If the surface quality is found to be poor, many people will increase the polishing pressure and prolong the polishing time. In addition, the improper polishing process will often make the surface quality worse.
The formation of "micro pit", "micro pit" or "sand hole" is due to the non-metallic inclusions (impurities) in the steel grade, which are usually hard and brittle oxides; during the polishing process, they are pulled out from the steel surface to form "micro pit" or "sand hole". The main influencing factors are as follows:
1. Polishing pressure and polishing time;
2. Purity of steel, especially the content of hard inclusions (impurities);
3. Polishing tools;
4. Abrasive materials.
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